"You can change your environments, but until you change yourself, nothing else will ever change."

_ Eric Thomas



At sledge this is one of the pillars. We think training your body is very important.  Within that we concentrate on more than just throwing some weight around. We want to help you move to the best of your ability. We put you through screening and test to see what we need to work on then we start with everything else.

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Our trainers are all certified and specialize in making you better. But we also know that you have to want this and be ready to do it and we will keep you on track. We understand that there is no cookie cutter way to get you to your goals and also understand that everyone is unique.

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Eat and Rest

We also understand the importance of eating right. You have heard it all be for. You can't outwork a bad diet. This goes hand and hand with your mind. You have to make a decision to make a life style change and start taking care of yourself. We also have ways to help you rehab. Whether is a massage, laser therapy, or corrective exercise . we are here to help you be the best YOU.